Oleg V. Gerasimenko
Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Title: Galactose protects from side effects of Asparaginase-based antileukemic drugs

Biography :

OVG has completed his PhD in 1991 from Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology and postdoctoral studies from The University of Liverpool, UK. He is a Reader at Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK........ He has published 88 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an Editorial board member of Pflugers Archive - European Journal of Physiology Read more

Dr Julia Gerasimenko
Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Title: The role of cell communication in development of pancreatic cancer

Biography :

Julia V. Gerasimenko is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK. She completed her PhD at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Kiev, Ukraine in 1996. Her work has primarily been directed towards ,....... elucidating the molecular mechanisms initiating the enigmatic disease Acute Pancreatitis (~20000 admissions to hospital and ~1000 deaths per year in the UK alone). There is currently no treatment for this disease, but Julia's work has opened up new possibilities for rational treatment. She has published 46 research papers on the disease mechanism in competitive peer-review journals, including Cell, PNAS, Journal of Physiology, Journal of Cell Science and Current Biology. Julia V. Gerasimenko is a Member of Faculty of 1000 (Gastro-intestinal Physiology), The Physiological Society (UK) and the European Calcium Society. Read more

Mina F Hanna
The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, United States

Title: Lung cancer: types, imaging and staging criteria

Biography :

....... Read more

Zoe Walters
University Of Southampton, England

Title: Rational Combinations with Epigenetic Inhibitors for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Biography :

Dr. Zoe Walters is a Lecturer in Translational Epigenomics within the Faculty of Medicine, and is Programme Lead for the MSc in Genomic Medicine at the University of Southampton. Zoë gained a BSc in Molecular Genetics at the ....... University of Sussex where she also obtained her PhD working on signal transduction mechanisms in the formation of the wing and leg structures in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. From there she went to Cardiff University where she undertook research using the model organism Xenopus to uncover novel genes involved in Wnt signalling that might provide insights into tumorigenesis. There she discovered a solute carrier involved in embryonic patterning in the frog that is linked to Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) signalling. In 2008, Zoë joined Prof. Janet Shipley's team at the Institute of Cancer Research where she investigated novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of RMS. Zoë's research team at Southampton focuses on aberrant epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to the pathogenesis of diseases including cancer and developmental disorders, with a view to identifying novel treatments for these diseases. Read more

Frances M Johnson
Texas Woman's University, USA

Title: The process of oncology nurse practitioner patient navigation: A grounded theory approach

Biography :

Frances Mary Johnson has completed her PhD from Texas Woman's University; Masters' in Nursing from Boston University, and BSN form Fairfield University in Connecticut. She is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner at Carl R Darnall....... Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas. She has published 5 papers and co-authored a book chapter on patient navigation. She has presented abstracts derived from this study at the 42nd and 43rd Oncology Nursing Society National Conferences pertaining to Carving the ONP Navigation Role, and Triage an Essential Component of the Navigation Process. She has worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse for 20 years, and worked in both primary care and oncology. Her areas of interest include chemotherapy, cancer survivorship, program development, patient navigation systems, as well as all aspects of hematology. Read more

Dr.Maryam Liaqat
University of Agriculture, Pakistan

Title: Microwave Imaging of Breast Cancer: Analysis of SAR and Electric Field using Flexible antennas with Breast Phantom

Biography :

Maryam Liaqat, Assistant Professor in Department of Physics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Completed my doctorate in 2018 from Electrical engineering department, UFPE, worked on project of Microwave ....... Antenna modifications for the detection of Breast Cancer. Designing flexible antennas for MI system, which will be user friendly, cost effective and more precise in results as compare to X-ray Mammography Technique Read more

Katherine Cochrane
University of Tennesee Medical Center Knoxville, USA

Title: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma : Review of a Rare Primary Lung Neoplasm

Biography :

Dr. Katherine Cochrane is a PGY-2 in the Department of Pathology at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, TN. She is a native of ....... Calgary, Alberta and is a graduate of Medical University of the Americas. Dr. Laurentia Nodit is an Associate Professor of Pathology and Director of Cytopathology at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, TN. She is a graduate of the University of Medicine, Romania, University of Pittsburgh Pathology Residency and Fellowship Program and University of Alabama Fellowship Program. She has more than 30 publications in reputed journals in areas of cytopathology and surgical pathology. Read more

Emilian Racila
University of Minnesota Medical School, USA

Title: Fusion of Radiomic and Pathologic Examination of Lung Cancer

Biography :

Dr. Racila is a graduate of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest and worked in medical research since 1992. He completed residency ....... training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Iowa, followed by fellowships in Oncologic Surgical Pathology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo NY and Thoracic Pathology at Harvard Medical School/Brigham Women Hospital, Boston MA. He authored many scientific papers regarding circulating tumor cells (co-inventor of CellSearch technology), cancer immunology and immunotherapy, and complement role in tumorigenesis. His current research interests are focused on cancer biomarkers and mutational analysis of NSCLC and malignant mesothelioma. Read more

Shiro Obata
Nagasaki Prefecture Shimabara Hospital, Japan

Title: What is KORTUC?

Biography :

Shiro Obata, Director of Department of Radiology and Radiotherapy in Nagasaki Prefecture Shimabara Hospital, Japan. I graduated from....... Graduated School of Medicine, Nagasaki University and have belonged to Nagasaki Prefecture Shimabara Hospital as a chief in 1995. I received a training of IMRT and stereotactic irradiation in Kyoto University, Department of Medical Physics of Arkansas University, and The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center for a short term, respectively. We are developing high precision radiation therapy as IMRT and stereotactic irradiation. We have performed a new treatment, KORTUC for various cancer (200 cases) so far from 2010. I designated as Radiation Oncologist (JRS and JASTRO), Medical Physicist (JSMP), General Clinical Oncologist (JBCT), and Clinical Professor of Nagasaki University. Read more

Patricia Bonilla Huertas
Orthopaedic oncologist, Panama

Title: Distal Tibia Sarcoma Treatment Using Allograft Arthrodesis of the Ankle

Biography :

Patricia Bonilla Huertas is working as Orthopedic oncologist at Dr. José Renán Esquivel Children's Hospital, Panama City, Panama. Done PhD of Medicine at the University of ....... Panama and the Orthopedic Residence at the Rafael Estevez Regional Hospital and the Orthopedic oncology fellowship at Hospital Universitario del Valle. Make the first musculoskeletal tumors' clinic at the Children's Hospital in Panama City and publishing some books chapters with university of Panama and the Spanish Orthopedic Society Read more

Muller Nastassja
University of Strasbourg, France

Title: 18F-FDG and 18F-FLT PET Imaging for the Evaluation of Hepatocarcinoma Response to Treatment on a Xenograft Model: Chemotherapy, Protontherapy and Potentiation

Biography :

Nastassja Muller is a MD specialized in Nuclear Medicine. She works as Nuclear Medicine Physician in Haguenau's Hospital (near Strasbourg). She made her medical studies....... in Strasbourg. She studied medical imaging physics as well. She achieved a Master in "Physique des rayonnements, détecteur, instrumentation et imagerie". She is preparing a PhD in Hubert Curien multidisciplinary Institut (IPHC), working on the use of Nuclear Medicine imaging in hadrontherapy Read more

Angel Hernández Hernández
University of Salamanca, Spain

Title: TBD

Biography :

Ángel Hernández Hernández holds a degree and a PhD in Biology from the University of Salamanca. After completing several stays, first as a ....... pre-doctoral fellow at the Karolinska Institute (Huddinge, Sweden) and at the University of Salamanca, and later as a postdoctoral fellow at the Cajal Institute (Madrid) and at the Institute of Cancer Research (London, United Kingdom), returns to the University of Salamanca, where he is currently a full professor in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The research of Dr. Hernández Hernández focuses on the role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) during hematopoiesis, focusing mainly on the involvement of the NADPH oxidase family, both in physiological and pathological conditions. They also focus on the regulation of tyrosine phosphatase proteins by ROS in the hematopoietic context Read more

Chun-Mei Hu
Genomics Research Center, Taiwan

Title: Aberrant Sugar Metabolism in Pancreatic Cells Triggers Genomic Instability and Transformation through Nucleotide Perturbation

Biography :

Chun-Mei Hu, an assistant research specialist at Genomic Research Center, Academia Sinica, in Taiwan, has completed hrt PhD in 2010 from National Taiwan University ....... and postdoctoral studies from department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine. She has expertise on nucleotide metabolism, DNA damage, glucose metabolism, and small molecules screening. She has published more than 17 papers in reputed journals of cancer biology. Recently, she worked on the the mechanisms of PDAC initiation through KRAS mutation from the views of metabolism and microenvironment. Read more

Xin Wang
City University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong

Title: A Novel Gene Expression Signature for the Identification of High-Risk T1 Colorectal Cancers from Surgical Tissues and Endoscopic Biopsies

Biography :

Xin Wang is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Head (Postgraduate Education) at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong........ He obtained his PhD at the University of Cambridge Department of Oncology and Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute in 2013, where he studied systems genetics and cancer biology. Together with experimental oncologists, he identified the poor-prognosis, mesenchymal subtype of colon cancer. From 2013 to 2015, he did his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics, where he learned advanced techniques for next-generation sequencing data analysis. In collaboration with experimental biologists, he elucidated the role of BRD4-NUT fusion gene in NUT midline carcinoma, and in another project identified LRF as an independent repressive transcription factor of fetal hemoglobin. Read more

Angelica Nazarian
Weill Cornell Medical College, United States

Title: Renca Macrobead Therapy (RMB): Phases I & II Data Findings of mCRC Patients Treated with RMB Refractory to Standard Therapies

Biography :

TBA....... Read more

Laura MacConaill
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Brigham and Women's Hospital, United States

Title: Precision Cancer Medicine in Clinical Practice: 8 years of Genomic Profiling

Biography :

Dr. MacConaill completed her PhD at the National University of Ireland (Cork), and postdoctoral studies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She is the Scientific ....... Director of Profile, a precision cancer medicine partnership between DFCI, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital; and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. Her research activities are focused on cancer research, cancer precision medicine, technology development and application to genomic interrogation of cancers, and translation of discovery efforts into clinical tests to improve treatment options for patients. Dr. MacConaill has co-authored over 80 publications on topics related to precision cancer medicine. Read more

Anna Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz
University of Silesia, Poland

Title: TBD

Biography :

TBD....... Read more

Adarsh Chandramouleswarappa
Cancer centre in Nairobi, Kenya


Biography :

Dr. Adarsh Chandramouleswarappa completed his post-graduation in radiation oncology, from a prestigious institute in India. Dr. Adarsh is vastly experienced ....... in delivering state-of-the-art radiation therapy techniques including IMRT, IGRT, SRS/SBRT and Brachytherapy. He also has hands-on experience in the chemotherapy of various solid malignancies and Lymphomas.Dr. Adarsh has keen interest in academics and has given presentations at various conferences and has publications in both national and international journals. He is also active member of various renowned organizations like AROI, IBS, ESTRO, ESMO etc. He is currently working as a consultant clinical oncologist in a private cancer centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Read more

Vandana Singh
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Title: Assay to visualize interindividual variation in DNA damages formed due to chemotherapy drug etoposide

Biography :

Vandana Singh is a postdoctoral researcher in Fredrik Westerlund’s group. Her research interest includes development of sensitive assays to detect DNA....... damage with emphasis on detection at the single DNA molecule level. The detection of DNA damage is being optimized for personalized chemotherapy. In addition, she has a great interest in developing new assays utilizing various biochemistries to detect DNA damage in cells Read more

Karime Cuituny
Christus Muguerza High Specialty Hospital, Mexico

Title: Tomography in evaluation of lung cancer: comparison of RECIST 1.1 criteria versus conventional measurements and impact on response to treatment

Biography :

Dr. Alma Karime Cuituny Romero has completed her training as a medical specialist in Radiology at Christus Muguerza High Specialty Hospital ....... and Monterrey University in 2016. She is working as radiologist at the same hospital, which is a prestigiuos institution in Mexico. Also is a methodological advisor and clinical tutor of radiologist residents. She has published 8 articles. Read more

Marinella Linardos
La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Title: Validation of the Breast Cancer Distress Codex Interview: a new tool for the multidisciplinary care of recently diagnosed patients

Biography :

TBD....... Read more